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If you’re looking for the new Friends with Things website you can find it here:
just click this link to get to the site.

About Friends with Things

Friends with Things - - is a place where you can share things with, or borrow things from your neighbors for free – from bicycles to power tools, from cameras to sewing machines.

It’s about collaborative consumption and sustainability – but there’s more to it than just helping the environment. At Friends with Things you’re also welcome to share your time, skills and expertise with people – you can even share your local knowledge or connect with local people who share common interests.

So it’s a way to help bring back that sense of community and neighborhood that’s often missing from apartment complexes, city living and suburban sprawl.

Friends with Things is a community initiative, it’s free and always will be.

What do you think?

Our new site is nearly finished, it’s in ‘beta’ and we’d be keen to know what you think before we really launch it – so please have a look, share something, test the ‘like’ button and let us know what you think – we’d really appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

At the moment it’s Australia only – but not for long, book mark the site or send us your e-mail us at and we’ll let you know when the international version goes live.
You can also find us and like us on Facebook or follow @ihavethings on Twitter.

Cheers and thanks for sharing.

On behalf of the team at Friends with Things.

The Notice Board
You can post at the new site, or you can post it here if you want and we'll create a post at the new site for you then get in contact with you when it's ready - don't forget to include your e-mail address.

No matter what you want to say,  need, or have to share, you can post it here -  just use the ‘comments’ box. I’ll leave your comment here for a while and then move it to the right place on the site for you and get in touch later – thanks!